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Nowhere To Hide 7"-Vinyl

Artist: Galactic Superlords


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Galactic Superlords 7" (H42-048)

on White marbled Vinyl (lim. 80)
on White Vinyl (lim. 60)
on Black Vinyl (lim. 40)
Testpress Edt. (lim. 20) with alternative Artwork

Melodic twin-guitar leads, a whole lotta fun on stage and a cheerful toast to Metal Gods like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest: The Galactic Superlords from Germany deliver Classic Rock and Heavy Metal. Since their foundation in 2014 they perform with a constant line-up consisting of a male and a female singer, two guitar players, bass and drums.
After the release of a four-track EP in 2015 the band toured through Germany and Portugal and played various shows all over their home country.

Side A:
Nowhere To Hide
Side B:
Lord Of Illusion