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Neverending Cycle LP

Artist: Stone House On Fire


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12" Vinyl Edition
150 on RED Vinyl (SOLD OUT)
150 on BLACK Vinyl

STONE HOUS ON FIRE are back with a new album called 'Neverending Cycle'!

"Neverending Cycle" is an album that leans heavily towards the psychedelic side of the stoner genre, taking it's cues from the more lysergic orientated late 60's than the usual mid 70's era that is the de rigueur of many of todays stoner/psych and doom bands. Songs like "Wrath of the Sun" and "Steam Boat" channel the beads and peace sign vibes of Randy California's Spirit and the 13th Floor Elevators and mix them with elements of the harder edged, fuzz pedal stamping, downtuned psych of today, sprinkling them with a large dose of old fashioned groove along the way..."

Produced by Stone House on Fire
Recorded live, direct to 2-Track Tape on Estúdio Jukebox
Mixed and Mastered by Andre Leal and Kleber Mariano

All songs by Stone House on Fire, except "Steam Boat" by SHOF and Welington Gonçalves.
Rafael Inácio plays resonator guitar on "Neverending Cycle"
Mariana Peña hace las voces de "Pasaje"

Cover concept by Andre Leal
Cover art by Marcus Oliveira