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Inconclusive Portrait - 7"

Artist: Molior Superum


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The Inconclusive Portrait (H42-008)

Total: 340
50 Purple Vinyl with diferent Artwork
50 Gold Vinyl
100 Green Vinyl
140 Black Vinyl

Molior Superum brings you High-energy tunes inspired by the 70’s heavy, dirty blues rock and mixed with stoner rock’s groove. Residing in Gothenburg, Sweden, they will bring you back in time with their new 7” Single. Special guest for backing vocals on ‘The inconclusive Portrait Part 1’ is Joakim Segerfelt Steby, better known as singer from BRUTUS.

Side A:
The Inconclusive Portrair (Part 1)
Side B:
The Inconclusive Portrair (Part 2)