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Dirt In My Eyes/Picture Perfect 7" (Black Vinyl)

Artist: Rattlesnake


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Release date: 2018-05-04

RELEASE MAY 4th / shipping will be end of April


Rattlesnake 'Dirt In My Eyes/Picture Perfect' 7"
H42 Records (H42-055)
In For The Kill Records (ITFK 006)

This is the outstanding debut 7" from Brooklyn, NY power trio RATTLESNAKE. A Band with an incredible sound inspired by the Classic American Sourthern Rock of the 70`s/80`s as well as NWOBHM, progressive rock, and good Ol' rock n roll boogie!
This 2-song offering is a majpr statement in the modern heavy rock underground. It's a welcome return to quality and memorable songwriting and razor-sharp musicianship that truly honors the tradition and ispiration from groups like BLACKFOOT, POINT BLACK, MOLLY HATCHET & WISHBORN ASH!

RATTLESNAKE features the soaring vocals and impeccable drumming of Adam Kriney from GOLDEN GRASS (Lisenable Records/Svart Records), and he catapults the tunes with uptempo energy, inspired musicality and killer drum fills! Guitarist and co-lrad vovalost JP Gilbert lays down timeless country/bluegrass inspired riffs and soulfully-yet-birning-hot solos that really drive the Southern-meets-NWOBHM influence home! And bassist and back-up singer Don Berger keeps the whole thing grooving with awesome melodic runs and inventive counter-melodies! Despite being an active band for less than a year, these boys have already mastered their sound and vision and their debut 7" will surely get your ass shaking

150x Black Vinyl
75x Green Vinyl
75x Yellow Vinyl
20x Testpressing Edt.
/Each version (Coloured Vinyl, Black Vinyl or Testpress edt.) comes with a uique cover and download code